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About us

    As one of the commodity market information suppliers in China, BAIINFO has been recognized by the majority of market participants with its professional and fast information services. BAIINFO follows and reports price trend of various products every day, comprehensively studies the development of upstream and downstream industries, predicts future market trend, investment direction and prospect of the industry, as well as provides customers information about market decision making.

    BAIINFO provides enterprises market consulting services based on spot price of raw material and finished products, as well as market analysis, forecast and research, which covers more than 700 vertical industrial channels of 100 industrial chains, including energy, chemical, agrochemical, coal chemical, rubber and plastic, polyurethane, agriculture, steel, non-ferrous, non-metallic building materials, paper products, new materials, etc. Market information of more than 1,000 commodities is updated every day.

    BAIINFO always provides customers with industrial chain information, professional analysis report and abundant information service item based on user value and neutral principle. The major services include website browsing, Industry Big Data system, research report, investigation report, mobile APP, database query, events and exhibitions, advertising display, etc.

    BAIINFO is headquartered in Beijing, with branches in Tianjin, Chengdu and Nanchang, and set up subsidiaries in Shenyang and Xi 'an. The company is a national high-tech enterprise. Since established in 2007, BAIINFO has developed a professional team of senior editors and excellent analysts. BAIINFO has more than 700 employees, 80% of whom have a bachelor degree or above.

    BAIINFO Products Features

    Timely and accurate

    Upholding the principle of professionalism and neutrality, BAIINFO follows and reports on market every day by analyzing upstream and downstream situations in order to help the clients to grasp opportunity and avoid risk.

    Industrial chain covered

    BAIINFO covers upstream and downstream industries information, more than 1,000 products and more than 200 channels, covering 50 big industries. Our clients are distributed at each node of the chain, including upstream producers, downstream processing plants, end users, middle traders, logistic services, financial institutions, etc.

    Data accumulated

    BAIINFO builds the Industry Big Data System with its long-term accumulated information. Price, capacity, production, inventory, consumption, import and export, cost and profit are easily and quickly obtained.

    Industrial analysis and forecast

    BAIINFO also distributes in-depth reports on industry development and the current status.

    Professional analysis of enterprise decision

    Customized services will be provided if enterprises have special requirement.

    Multi-channel comprehensive interaction

    BAIINFO is not only an online information provider. We also connect our clients by organizing conferences regularly to offer better services.

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